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Silesia Metropolis - Full of Life

Full of Life

The Silesian Metropolis is one of the key urban centres in the country, integrating 14 largest cities in the Silesia and Zagłębie Regions and 2 million inhabitants over a surface area of 1,200km2 It also offers the best investment areas in Poland, an absorptive labour makret, unique tourist attraction and many cultural highlights.

Full of Investments

Almost 200,000 companies and businesses operate within the Metropolis, generating jointly 8% of the country’s GDP. Good business infrastructure, highly-qualified human resources, attractive investment grounds, the Katowice Special Economic Zone as well as a dense road network and the modern Katowice Airport make the Metropolis the best investment location in Poland. Please find here our attractive investment offer!

Full of Culture

Theatres, museums, philharmonic halls, galleries, clubs, numerous festivals, exhibitions and concerts whose renown and prestige reach far beyond the region and attract hundreds of thousands of spectators. Rawa Blues, Mayday, Off Festival, Interpretacje, Gorczycki Festival or the Metropolitan Theatre Night are only some of the artistic events which make the Silesia Metropolis full of culture.  

Full of Possibilities

The higher education institutions based in the Metropolis, including the University of Silesia, the Silesian University of Technology, University of Economics, Academy of Music and many private colleges offer educational opportunities in almost any academic programme. Tens of thousands of young people each year decide to study here, choosing from a range of programmes as varied as cosmetology, film directing, design, economics, law, psychology, IT, musicology, medicine or architecture.

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